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Economic Empowerment Programme (EEP)

Providing Access to Economic Opportunities for People With Disabilities

The objectives of EEP are:

  1. To train Youth with Disabilities for employment.
  2. To give exposure and skills training together with preparation for employment.
  3. To give youth with disabilities an opportunity to sustain themselves and their families as well as contribute to the community.
  4. To cooperate and work with employers, parents, guardians, support groups and other youths with disabilities.

EEP accepts youths:

  1. Between 18 to 26 years old.
  2. With Learning Disabilities (has OKU Card).
  3. Minimum independency.
  4. Able and willing to work.
  5. Minimum comprehension level to perform
EEP is a 6 months programme:
  • 3 months social, physical and emotional training based at Selangor Cheshire Home.
  • 3 months on the job training.

EEP provides training in the following courses:

  1. Bakery
    • Bread
    • Doughnut
    • Pizza
  2. Hospitality
    • Guest Room Preparation
    • Laundry and Linen Services
  3. Food & Beverage
    • F&B Hygiene And Work Safety Practice
    • F&B Basic Service Operation Preparation
    • F&B Guest Services Operation Function
  4. Distributive Trade
    • Retail

Youth with disabilities who are interested in participating in this programme must attend an interview. The successful candidates will attend a six months course as mentioned above.