How To Shift Into Desired Reality Fast 2021

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How To Shift Into Desired Reality Fast 2021. So you dont cultivate any thought that has to do with the old, negative reality. The two universes are referred to as the “current reality” for the universe they live in and the “desired reality” for the ones they journey to.


Shift your reality step #1: Therefore, don't shift into horrifying, frightening or disturbing places in time and space because that isn't good for mind, body and spirit. July 17, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

The Affirmation Words/Sentences Aim To Affect The Conscious And The Subconscious Mind By Shifting You Into Your Desired Reality.

In a simply put way, shifting realities is taking your consciousness as you know it in this reality and placing it into your body in a different world, or “reality.”. There are numerous other methods to shift such as the pillow method, the heartbeat method, the train method, the staircase method, the elevator method, and more. Basically, this means listing everything that is essential about you and making sure these details will be incorporated into your shift, making the experience even more realistic.

Shift To A Parallel Reality!

Your world and reality are changed by your thoughts, words, and feelings. Harry potter fans on the app have recently been “reality shifting” to place themselves in the magical world of hogwarts. What exactly is reality shifting?

You May Be Greeted By A Person From Your Desired Reality Who Guides You Or Open The Door Directly To Your Desired Reality.

Notice what you’re talking and thinking about the most. This idea uses the multiverse theory, stating that every decision or action we make shifts us into a new reality, with every possible decision or action we could’ve made creating an alternate reality. Take aligned actions from the space of the new version of you.

Ideally, You Always Want To Shift Realities Into The Perfect Place In Time And Space For You, Right Now.

July 17, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. Here’s the mantra, a, b, c, always remember this, always be choosing, always be choosing, always be choosing in the present moment. By reciting affirmations your mind will automatically and involuntarily bring up related mental images to the mind, which will motivate and inspire you.

Therefore, Don't Shift Into Horrifying, Frightening Or Disturbing Places In Time And Space Because That Isn't Good For Mind, Body And Spirit.

They jump into a rabbit hole, now you need to think, do you. Without further ado, here are my 20 powerful shifting affirmations: You make a complete shift of your thought patterns.

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