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  • cheshire-home-handicraft-handsewn-handmade-elephant
    RM 40 /pc
    Cuddly mini elephants that were handmade with love
  • cheshire-home-handicraft-handsewn-handmade-doll
    Rag Dolls
    RM 15 /pc
    Because dolls handmade out of fabric are always special and soft all over
  • cheshire-home-handicraft-handsewn-handmade-batik-clutch-pouch
    Batik Clutch
    RM 35 /pc
    An elegant piece that can be used as a dinner clutch, as a makeup bag, or even as a pencil case!
  • DSCN6800
    Polka Dot Pouch
    RM 15 /pc
    Our polka dotted pouches can be used as clutches or purses as well!
  • DSCN6816
    RM 5 /pc
    Handmade notebooks that will fit into most bags easily!
  • cheshire-home-handicraft-handsewn-handmade-recycle-bag-cloth
    Recycle Bag
    RM 15 /pc
    Simple but handy handsewn recycle bags that can be rolled up and stored neatly!
  • cheshire-home-handicraft-handsewn-handmade-shoulder-bag-recycle
    Shoulder Bag
    RM 15/pc
    Unique batik shoulder bags
  • DSCN6833
    Tall (bottle) Gift Bag
    RM 15 /pc
    Sturdy and one-of-a-kind! It will be a double gift - the bottle you're gifting and this bag!
  • DSCN6720
    RM 15 /pc
    Our cheerful aprons fit from size S to L!
  • DSCN6729
    Batik Apron
    RM 15 /pc
    No two are the same! Our batik aprons come in plus sizes too!
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